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Recipe: *If God be with us!*

*” And the LORD was with Joseph, and he was a prosperous man;…”*
Genesis 39:2

Living outside His presence is becoming a living dead. *Nothing makes a man effective like the LORD being with him.* You are most effective when you are an addict of his presence. ” *God’s presence makes you a stakeholder”* says Rev. J.S.A Owhegberu. We need him with us to be continuously relevant. On our own we can do nothing. Never underestimate a man of his presence. Daniel’s relevance and indelible impact made him stand before three great kings of Babylon.

If God be with us! We are conform to his being: prosperous. *We are prosperous by his being with us not by the contacts we have.* For prosperity is a life of imprinted impact. Last week, I was privileged to speak at a youth meeting in Ozoro,Delta State, Nigeria where a young boy interrupted the sessions, saying “Please sir, rededicate me to God, I’m lost…I need him”. I told him wait till prayer time and he said, ” I can’t stand hearing you anymore without being dedicated to God”. The rest were awesome moments. Meanwhile, that same week, 67 persons received Christ in their brokenness at a Restoration Conference, in Oleh, Delta State, Nigeria . I tremble at his presence. *With him you can achieve the impossible.* You can never be rejected when you are with the Lord….Its the second half of the year; be conscious of God *to be continued*

(Wednesday 03/07/2019@ *Uteno Young*)

[Dedicated to #TeamUYBooksCollections and Owhefere Great Owhefere my brother-man whose birthday is tomorrow]

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