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Pick Up The Challenge

In the Pursuit of purpose, the greatest regret is, not believing so much in yourself and being too careful
-Uteno Young

Life is a challenge and each day teaches us on how to become a better version of our being. Growing up in a place where life was predictable; I advised myself to be the odd one. So, without creating the problem of denying the reality of things, I created a mental picture of the kind of living I wanted from Bible study Classes and inspiration stories of great people in the books I was opportune to access at the Isoko South Central Library in Oleh, Delta State, Nigeria. I don’t want to license the falls in my life by giving excuses. For I needed to be me in spite of how tall my family name has grown. It was tough, but I did pick up the challenge to be the odd one: to become a better version of my being. ‘I will never quit on my dreams or my pursuit of God’, I said to myself. Glory to God!!!

Also, in Luke 5, the skilful fisherman called Peter was washing his fishing nets already before the Lord came onboard his ship and instructed him to launch into the deep for a great catch afterwards. You know what? This shows a situation of a man who was done with something but still believe in an inner picture and not careful about his actions. Indeed, in the pursuit of purpose, the greatest regret is not believing so much in yourself and being too careful . Today, if you must become a better you, launch into the deep. Don’t be too careful. Pick up the challenge. Break the conventional way of thinking and stretch yourself to build your capacity. Just attempt biting more than you can chew. At times, don’t always take care but take chance just like Peter did. God can never give up on you, therefore, don’t give up on yourself. Pick up the challenge. Bless up. Plus ultra.

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  1. Avura OkpozoIt

    It can only get better… Plus Ultra- More Beyond…

    • admin

      Thanks for the feedback…

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